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Revolutionizing Plastic Waste Management

The world is grappling with the plastic waste crisis, but companies are stepping up to the challenge through innovative technology. This blog explores the advancements in plastic recycling technology, including the process of Thermal Anaerobic Conversion (TAC) and pyrolysis, which convert plastic waste into valuable oil.

"The Power of Plastic Recycling

February 6, 2023

The Benefits of TAC and Pyrolysis

The process of converting plastic waste into valuable oil has numerous environmental and economic benefits, such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions and reduced need for virgin crude oil. This blog explores the benefits of TAC and pyrolysis, two innovative technologies that are revolutionizing the world of plastic waste management.

Turning Plastic Waste into a Resource

February 7, 2023

An Introduction to Portable Pyrolysis Plants

Plastic waste is a growing environmental problem, but it can be turned into a valuable resource through portable pyrolysis plants. This blog provides an introduction to this eco-friendly solution, including its ability to recycle a wider range of plastic waste and produce a high-quality oil with fewer greenhouse gas emissions and lower energy requirements.

Making the Most Out of Plastic Waste

February 10, 2023

TAC and Pyrolysis Technology

Plastic waste is a growing environmental problem, but innovative technology is turning it into a valuable resource. This blog explores TAC and pyrolysis technology, and how they are making the most out of plastic waste by converting it into fuel oil and even new plastic products.

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