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We are overly dependent on oil sources for all types of transport. As Kauai is 25 miles wide and 33 miles long, and almost circular with one major road that traverses most of the island but for the mountains of the Napali coastline, we are entirely dependent on oil. Any number of electric vehicles such as trucks, cars, scooters, and bicycles could service the island much more inexpensively than gasoline powered vehicles. In addition, traffic snarls in varying spots along the roadway each day, and the roads come to a grinding halt in the event of any kind of emergency. We propose offering residents a choice between viable electric vehicles to their current gasoline powered vehicles, and to explore the possible development of a light rail system along the mountainside. Years ago Kauai used rail to move sugar and pineapple, now we could use railways to transport people from shoreline to shoreline.

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