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We need potential economic impact for Hawaii in developing new programs toward supportive infrastructure that include job and career creation.

The Hawaiian Islands have a long history of supporting the federal space programs in the United States. The rocky island terrain is due to volcanic activity that has supported a variety of experiments and preparations for technology and human beings to travel to and eventually occupy space.

According to NASA, the Hawaiian Islands provided sites for geology training for Apollo astronauts serving as the first port-of-call for astronauts returning from the Moon. Even now as nations plan a space collaborative to reach Mars, NASA maintains that Island landscapes mimic the surface of "the red planet."

With the newly created Federal Space Force Program, Hawaii can envision an array of connections to the program's mission and its potential economic impact for Hawaii in terms of the development of new supportive infrastructure as well as job creation. However, this will require strong, strategic partnerships that can help with major investment.

One development would be a state, federal, private partnership in the creation of a Space Academy. By actively recruiting pre-teens and teenager, the Hawaii Space Academy would work toward developing a more educated workforce with dedicated study and technologies related to space science.

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