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Brian C. Alston

Developer, Relationship Literacy Program

November. 09, 2023

Jerome and Patricia Pesenti, SIZZLE


Dear Jerome and Patricia,

I trust this letter finds you in great spirits. My name is Brian C. Alston, and I'm reaching out with genuine excitement about the incredible work you're doing with Sizzle. The impact it's making on students' learning experiences is truly commendable.

What if you could include curricula in the areas of social and emotional intelligence and relational skill building?

Introduction to Relationship Literacy Program:

Let me share about the Relationship Literacy Program, a project that has been close to my heart for over a decade. It's not just a program; it's a journey, drawing from experiences in conflict resolution, anger management, and violence prevention. The aim is simple but profound – to teach the invaluable skills of social and emotional intelligence, fostering healthy and non-violent relationships. Already we’re working with parts of the US Military and proposing a corporate cultural platform for Elon Musk’s companies.

Why Relationship Literacy for Students?

In a world that often emphasizes traditional academic disciplines, Relationship Literacy stands out. It's the missing piece that equips students with tools to understand themselves, manage their emotions, and navigate the complex landscape of relationships. Beyond addressing issues like bullying and violence, it nurtures the seeds of self-esteem and personal growth.

Integration with Sizzle:

Now, imagine if we could seamlessly integrate Relationship Literacy into Sizzle. Your app, with its AI-guided problem-solving approach, has already revolutionized how students tackle academic challenges. Adding Relationship Literacy takes it a step further, transforming not only how they learn but also how they grow as individuals.

Program Examples for Middle and High School Students:

Let me paint just one among many possible pictures of what this customizable collaboration could look like for middle and high school students. In middle school, the program addresses fundamental topics like identity and different types of relationships. As they progress to high school, it delves into more nuanced subjects such as dating violence, stress management, and the principles of healthy relationships.

Tech Integration for Real-Life Learning:

Now, here's the exciting part – the integration of Relationship Literacy objectives with Sizzle's features. Imagine how technology can amplify real-life scenarios related to relationship challenges. It's learning, but with a real-world touch.

Addressing Critical Issues:

The program isn't just about theory; it directly addresses critical issues. By leveraging Sizzle's capabilities, students not only excel academically but also develop essential life skills. They become equipped to navigate challenges like bullying, sexual harassment, and character development with resilience and empathy.

Encouraging Personal Responsibility:

Relationship Literacy is all about personal responsibility for relationship outcomes. It's a mindset that resonates not only in relationships but also in success in any endeavor. Sizzle's user-friendly interface can make these concepts accessible to students, encouraging them to apply these principles in their daily lives.

Originating from pioneering work in relationship education in the 1990s, this program, developed in collaboration with The Consultation Center at Yale University, has evolved into a set of values and standards that define our behavior. It serves as a foundation for human interaction and an aspiration for who we aim to be. Relationship literacy empowers individuals to build self-awareness, express empathy, set boundaries, manage stress, and conflict, and foster healthy relationships.

Relationship Literacy Program Areas:

  1. Identity: Understanding oneself and others is fundamental to building meaningful connections. This area explores the facets that define our individuality and the importance of recognizing and respecting the uniqueness of others across generations, histories, and cultures.

  2. No Abuse, No Violence: Relationships are dynamic, constantly evolving interactions where many factors influence the outcome. It is critical to commit to relationships free from abuse and violence, whether intentional or not. This area raises awareness about different forms of relationship abuse, their impact, and consequences.

  3. Self-Management: Managing our thoughts, feelings, and behavior is a personal responsibility. Stress, anger, and affection are critical elements that affect our overall well-being and influence our relationships with others. Participants in this area learn techniques to manage emotions effectively and acquire skills like critical thinking, prioritization, and time management.

  4. Healthy Relationships: Building and maintaining healthy relationships requires knowledge and skills. To relate successfully requires a known set of activities. This area explores the components of healthy relationships and provides principles, strategies, and tools for sustainable, constructive connections with others.

Measuring Impact:

As we embark on this journey together, we propose tracking metrics such as participant satisfaction, productivity, attrition rates, and promotion rates. This data won't just showcase the success of the program; it will provide us with valuable insights for continuous improvement, a shared commitment for both Sizzle and Relationship Literacy.


Incorporating Relationship Literacy into Sizzle aligns seamlessly with your vision of leveraging AI to positively impact lives. Together, we have the opportunity to empower students not only academically but also emotionally. It's about fostering a generation that can navigate life's challenges with resilience, empathy, and a deep understanding of healthy relationships.

I'm genuinely thrilled about the prospect of this collaboration and the positive impact it could have. I would love the chance to dive deeper into this conversation with you. Your dedication to transforming learning is inspiring, and I believe this collaboration could be a groundbreaking step toward holistic education.


I hope you will consider the possible uses of Relationship Literacy within the Sizzle program. Looking forward to the possibility of working together. Thank you for considering this proposal.


Warm regards,

Brian C. Alston

Developer, Relationship Literacy Program






To implement the Relationship Literacy Program in collaboration with the Sizzle app, creating a comprehensive online educational learning environment for middle and high school students.


The Relationship Literacy Program is a transformative initiative designed to empower students with essential social and emotional intelligence skills. By seamlessly integrating this program into the Sizzle app, our goal is to establish an engaging and accessible platform that goes beyond academic excellence, fostering holistic personal development.


Curriculum Integration:

1. Develop Interactive Lessons:

   - Craft engaging lessons addressing crucial topics such as identity, relationships, violence prevention, self-management, and healthy relationships.

   - Ensure content is age-appropriate and tailored for middle and high school students.

2. Create Engaging Activities and Assessments:

   - Design interactive activities that reinforce key Relationship Literacy principles like gentleness, kindness, forgiveness, and so on.

   - Develop assessments to measure students' understanding and application of these principles.

Tech Integration with Sizzle:

3. Utilize Sizzle's Chatbot Feature:

   - Leverage Sizzle's chatbot feature for interactive learning experiences, creating a dynamic and personalized engagement.

   - Integrate real-life scenarios within the app, allowing students to practically apply relationship literacy principles.


4. Incorporate Gamified Elements:

   - Infuse gamification elements to enhance student engagement and motivation.

   - Design challenges and rewards that make learning Relationship Literacy enjoyable and rewarding.

Virtual Mentorship:

5. Implement Sizzle as a Virtual Mentor:

   - Utilize Sizzle as a virtual mentor, providing step-by-step guidance on emotional management, conflict resolution, and positive communication.

   - Develop virtual mentorship scenarios within the app to enhance practical learning.

User-Friendly Interface:

6. Ensure Accessibility and User-Friendly Interface:

   - Optimize the program's interface to ensure accessibility for students of various ages and technological proficiency.

   - Focus on seamless navigation and an enjoyable learning experience.

Monitoring and Assessment:

7. Introduce Tracking Mechanisms:

   - Implement tracking mechanisms to monitor student progress and engagement within the Relationship Literacy Program.

   - Develop assessment tools to measure the program's impact on students' social and emotional development.

Implementation Timeline:

Months 1-2: Curriculum Development

- Develop Relationship Literacy lessons and activities.

- Align the curriculum with Sizzle's features for effective integration.

Months 3-4: Tech Integration

- Collaborate with Sizzle's tech team to seamlessly integrate Relationship Literacy features.

- Conduct thorough testing to ensure a smooth user experience.

Months 5-6: Gamification and Mentorship

- Implement gamification elements to enhance student engagement.

- Develop virtual mentorship scenarios within the app.

Months 7-8: User Interface Optimization

- Optimize the user interface for accessibility and ease of use.

- Conduct user testing to gather feedback for improvements.

Months 9-10: Monitoring and Assessment Tools

- Implement tracking mechanisms to monitor student progress.

- Develop assessment tools to measure the impact of Relationship Literacy on student development.

Months 11-12: Launch and Feedback Gathering

- Launch the integrated Relationship Literacy Program on Sizzle.

- Gather feedback from students, teachers, and parents for continuous improvement.


Depending what your Team will do, the budget will cover curriculum development, tech integration, gamification elements, mentorship scenario development, user interface optimization, monitoring tools, and feedback gathering initiatives.

We look forward to the opportunity to create a pioneering learning experience that transcends traditional education, fostering the growth and development of students in all aspects of life.

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