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About Us


We are in a global state of emergency—Climageddon—and its devastating impact on this

planet we share is now a daily fact for all of us. Though we all know the challenges and

the struggles ahead of us in working toward significantly reducing the drastic global effects

of climate change, the citizens of The Hawaiian Islands understand it all too well. The

global climate crisis has arrived at our doorsteps.


To face the myriad challenges facing our beloved islands, a course of action is underway to bring the island of Kauai to 100% sustainability. As Founder & Principal Catalyst of Green Hawaii Conferences, we collaborate closely with a wide range of organizations and civic groups to gain a better understanding of the unique challenges facing The Garden

Isle. The primary goal at Green Hawaii Conferences is to establish strong, strategic partnerships to working toward bringing Kauai to 100% self-sustainability. In sectors such as agriculture, communication, education, energy, healthcare and health maintenance,

sanitation, and transportation and many others, the objective is for Kauai to serve as a model of sustainability not only for the U.S. mainland and her territories, but also for countries around the world. Toward that end, we work with sustainability experts from The Big Island, Maui, Oahu, and Kauai to examine renewable energy sources, local education initiatives, and sustainable industries to increase employment opportunities. This includes innovative agricultural and food practices as well as creating sustainable reducing, re-using, and recycling programs across the Hawaii Islands.

We currently collaborate with leaders in Kauai’s local government, business, education, faith, and cultural communities as well. As a result of these long established relationships, we have enjoyed partnerships between the Chambers of Commerce and the schools- public, private, charter, and university—along with local community organizations to prepare citizens span to enjoy economic prosperity through entrepreneurship, college and career readiness, and building the infrastructure within community for new business growth and industry success on Kauai. At this point in the organization’s lifecycle, we are at the threshold where funding for specific organizations is very much needed so we can continue to achieve success in our strategic initiatives. These organizations represent essential areas in order to help develop Kauai as a healthy sustainable community for all.



We started a small business in 2009 upon returning from Haiti where we were delivering medicine and medical supplies in a humanitarian effort. Our company, ND Enterprises, operates locally under the name Green Hawaii Conferences. Our mission is to create, promote, and maintain healthy sustainable communities. Although we currently have a local focus, we have a global reach as we work toward achieving healthy maintainable outcomes. We are proud to claim that we currently have a

wide array of projects and initiatives in various phases in many distressed communities in the U.S. and around the world.

Our partner groups consist of like-minded people operating with a team-centered approach to address entrenched humanitarian crises with sustainable solutions. Teams of compassionate and experienced professionals partner with projects, programs, and organizations to accomplish this vital work. We all seek to achieve self-sustainability places as diverse as Haiti, Detroit, Appalachia, and the Navajo Nations plus the many needy communities within the United States and abroad. Under the Humanitarian Sustainability Initiative, known as HSI, we have several additional programs such as a school-to-school collaborative. We were grateful to have received a small grant to build a school network around recycling initiatives.

Our wish is to feature these innovative projects and initiatives at a multi-facet website, which would act as a hub to track the various phases of our projects and to gauge our progress over time.

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