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Meet the Team


The Kauai Career Readiness program was started to assist youth ages 14-25, such as students, recent grads, and persons within families, housing communities, schools, foster care, social service, county and state agencies with education and training preparation‘s for jobs and career decision-making.

The Kauai Career Readiness Program will serve as a central connector of Kauai Youth to 5 fundamental areas important for their educational growth and longterm professional development:

1. Youth Civic Engagement with school and community based Learning opportunities to engage youth participation early in public policy and community involvement 

2. In addition to college enrollment and military service the program will seek to increase 

Vocational and H.E.A.L.  employment  experiences through Pre-Apprenticeship,

Apprenticeships, Internships, Externships, and recruitment and participation with the Trades (electrician, plumbing, construction, etc) with local Unions

3. Volunteer

Service opportunities with local church, nonprofits, and agencies serving  children, elderly, environment, homelessness, increasing food security, etc.  

4. Business Exploration through affiliation with the  Chambers of Commerce, and local business families  to increase local business  succession, and entrepreneurship through participation in Incubator and Accelerator programming

5. Education and Life-long Learning through summer and after school programs, online and in person

Certificates in food, automotive and health programs, and online GOOGLE Certificates for 

technological readiness to enter the high tech industry, and others.

The program facilitates connection to education and training opportunities like pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship and internship placements.

These educational and training opportunities may serve as alternative educational paths for youth not successful in the regular school classroom, or planning to attend college, or youth aiming to bolster their career pathway with part-time employment during the school year or summers.

Resources within the program offer information on the GED and alternative diploma options and work development support.

The program seeks to connect youth with mentor at local  agencies, employers and training programs on Kauai,  and thereby help to focus, and encourage and motivate youth to advocate, and persevere careers of interest for themselves.

The Kauai career readiness progrqm provides a range of opportunities, experiences and services that promote a participant centered approach, positive and intentional youth career development, competency development, leadership potential, build resiliency, strengthen and re-engage youth to local community resources.

Youth can easily enroll with the support of their school, housing community or other sponsoring agency.

Purpose of the Program:

1. Provide a comprehensive blend, educational training and mentoring resources to successfully prepare youth for jobs within the local community      and beyond

2. Guide and teach youth to function, more positively in their communities, activate youth consistent involvement in educational and employment      opportunities.

3. Encourage youth to build self-esteem confidence and provide youth with focus and foundation necessary to develop basic career readiness skills.

Philosophy and Approach:

The services are designed to be proactive, empowering done in partnerships, build on youth, family and community strengths, and focuse on outcomes of youth, engaging and re-engaging in school and community resources.

Encouraging youth to have a positive sense of self, engaging in responsible decision-making, developing positive relationships, and competencies with community supports and capacity to prepare for and find purposeful employment and successfully transition into adulthood.

Eligibility Criiteria:

The Kauai Career readiness program operates for the island of Kauai. The program presents a range of career readiness resources to inform the target population, and connect them to job readiness trainings, volunteerism and job opportunities locally and within the mainland USA.

Admission Criteria:

1. Youth are Students in school and are sponsored into the program by their schools.

2. Youth are recent graduates (2015 and higher) from school and are sponsored into the program by their schools.

3. Youth are residents of a public or private housing development and are sponsored into the program by the Housing Authority or Management.

4. Youth are participants in social service, county, or state wide programs, and are sponsored into the program by their respective programs.

Admissions Assessment:

The assessment questionnaire helps to gather information about the youth strengths, needs and career goals. it is part of the intake procedure to help the youth identify his current educational and training preparation and to chart a path to reaching his career interests and goals.

Community Based Outreach:

Goal is to link youth to local work readiness services

Connecting youth to knowledgeable employment partners in a variety of career and industry jobs.

Community collaborations, allow variety resources available to youth and families to help youth develop connections with the community, assesses the services and advocates for additional support and employment readiness services needed for the youth.

Vocational Activities:

  1. Exposure to professionals within the community, as well as workshops and trainings to spur thought and discussion regarding future career plans.

  2. Job based workshops and trainings and tours. career exploration, work readiness, activities, referrals to volunteer programs, business leadership development, work development options.

  3. Skill building to increase range of competencies that may be individual or group focused

Educational Development Activities:

Access to tutorials and workshops for career readiness, classes and skill building liaison with schools,  counselors and teachers assistance with the development of career planning assistance with transitional issues to work, GED resources and school diploma resources, adult educational alternatives.

Denial Criteria:

Youth refuses services

Information and Referral:

Provide linkages to needed services that assist Youth and help needed to transition to these services 

Advocate with Community career providers and job opportunities on behalf of Youth

Assist youth in identifying and maintaining links to additional community-based informal and natural career Readiness supports 

Exit Assessment:

Complete discharge summary to provide feedback from the youth regarding progress and the extent to which goals were accomplished identify youth plans to maintain gains and career goals achieved 

Evaluate Kauai Career Readiness Program and Services via participants satisfactory survey

Follow Up:

Quarterly inquiries asking for feedback and questions on education, training, job placement and career success

Provide brief focused additional assistance if needed

Provide referral/linkage to additional services if needed

APP Budget:

Planning and Content Organization         

10 hours

Design and Layout                                           

15 hours

Inputting and Formatting Listings         

5 hours

Adding 100 listings and Interactive Features

30 hours

APP Planning Phase


APP Development Phase

- User Interface (UI) Design


- Backend Development


- Frontend Development


- Integration of APIs


APP Testing Phase

- Manual Testing


- Bug Fixing


- Performance Testing


APP Deployment Phase


Miscellaneous Costs


APP Project Management, QA, Security

- Project Management


- Quality Assurance (QA) and Review


- Security and Privacy Features


APP Monthly Updates and Maintenance


APP Projected Grand Total Budget


Additional Budget Items

Program Coordinator:


The Program Coordinator plays a crucial role in overseeing and managing the Kauai Career Readiness Program. They are responsible for coordinating program activities, connecting youth with educational and training opportunities, and building relationships with mentors, agencies, employers, and training programs.

Job Duties:

  • Develop and implement program strategies and goals.

  • Coordinate and oversee program activities, workshops, and events.

  • Connect youth with educational and training opportunities.

  • Foster relationships with mentors, local agencies, employers, and training programs.

  • Advocate for youth and provide support in career decision-making.

  • Conduct outreach and promote program services to youth and families.

  • Develop and maintain program documentation and records.

  • Evaluate program effectiveness and make improvements.

  • Collaborate with community partners and stakeholders.

  • Provide guidance and support to program participants.

  • Monitor and track program metrics and outcomes.

  • Facilitate mentorship connections and partnerships.

  • Assist in program fundraising and grant applications.

  • Maintain program budget and financial records.

  • Prepare reports and presentations on program progress and achievements.

Budget for Program Coordinator:

Annual Salary: 30 hours/week * $35/hour * 52 weeks = $54,600

Additional Costs (estimated at 30% of salary): $16,380 (social media, transportation, outreach, training, etc.)

Total Annual Budget for Program Coordinator: $70,980

Program Assistant:


The Program Assistant provides administrative support to the Kauai Career Readiness Program, assisting with various tasks to ensure smooth program operations.

Job Duties:

  • Assist the Program Coordinator in organizing program activities.

  • Maintain program documentation and records.

  • Coordinate communications with program participants and stakeholders.

  • Support outreach efforts and promotional activities.

  • Help schedule workshops, events, and meetings.

  • Provide logistical support for program activities.

  • Assist with data entry and recordkeeping.

  • Help prepare program reports and presentations.

  • Monitor program email accounts and respond to inquiries.

  • Support mentorship connections and partnerships.

  • Assist in program fundraising and grant applications.

  • Conduct research on educational and training opportunities.

  • Help manage program budget and financial records.

  • Assist in coordinating program evaluations and surveys.

  • Provide general administrative support as needed.

Budget for Program Assistant:

Annual Salary: 20 hours/week * $25/hour * 52 weeks = $26,000

Additional Costs (estimated at 30% of salary): $7,800 (social media, transportation, outreach, training, etc.)

Total Annual Budget for Program Assistant: $33,800

Consultants (Education, Housing, and Fundraising):


The Consultants provide specialized expertise in key areas to support the Kauai Career Readiness Program. They focus on education, housing, and fundraising, respectively.

Job Duties:

Education Consultant: Develop and maintain partnerships with educational institutions, assess educational needs of program participants, provide guidance on alternative educational paths, and facilitate connections to training programs.

Housing Consultant: Collaborate with housing agencies, assess housing needs of program participants, explore housing options, and provide support in accessing affordable and suitable housing opportunities.

Fundraising Consultant: Identify potential major donors, develop fundraising strategies, assist in grant writing, coordinate fundraising events, and cultivate relationships with donors and sponsors.

Budget for each Consultant:

Consultants (Education, Housing, and Fundraising):

Annual Salary: $7,500 each for a total of $22,500 (no additional cost estimate)

Total Annual Budget for the Entire Program:

Program Coordinator

Annual Salary: $54,600

Additional Costs: $16,380

Total Budget: $70,980

Program Assistant

Annual Salary: $26,000

Additional Costs: $7,800

Total Budget: $33,800



Annual Salary: $22,500

Additional Costs: N/A

Total Budget: $22,500

Total Annual Budget


The total cost for the annual budget for the entire Kauai Career Readiness Program is $127,280.

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