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Arts & Culture Programs

With people representing every continent and the plentiful islands of the Pacific, Hawaii is one of the most culturally, ethnically, and religiously diverse regions in the U.S. Our population participates in a diversity of faith practices from Eastern religions and philosophy to traditional Hawaiian and mainstream Christianity.

In addition, Hawaii residents always have embraced the arts, culture, and religion as fundamental pillars within the blended Hawaiian culture. Consequently, we propose to work with these four organizations that are setting strong examples in their vital areas.

Story Book Theatre of Hawaii: Established 1986, the Story Book Theatre has been creating productions and touring the Hawaiian Islands exposing thousands of pre-school and school-age children to LIVE theatre. A major objective is to create a viable business in the production of television & radio programs for young people for local and widespread distribution.

Another idea is to develop related products and services for retail. We also want to help renovate facilities in Hanapepe connecting major art and theatre facilities on the island while expanding and sustaining programming. For more information, visit

Children of the Land Polynesian Culture Center: Established in 2004, the Center teaches Hawaiian and Polynesian cultural arts through classes, events, and exhibitions to island youth and visitors. The Center aims to increase awareness, participation, connection, and understanding of Hawaiian and Polynesian. Many in their programs come from low-income families and would not otherwise be able to afford it.

Currently, the Center is seeking land for their Polynesian Culture and Life classes. The intention is to create several low-impact shade structures along with sustainable, organic gardens. By using the land as a model for children, they will learn how to live on the land sustainably through traditional methods of planting and working with the herbs and native medicines in order to pass on cultural wisdom. We want to help them achieve this goal to help sustain their mission. For more information, visit

Established in 1972, the Kauai Bible Church is a small but growing independent Christian institution. With 200-300 regular and seasonal members currently and a diversity of outreaches that minister to the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the community, Kauai Bible church conducts services on Sundays, supports local and international missions, facilitates a monthly outreach to the homeless, and conducts multiple home groups during the week. In addition, its leadership participates in a diversity of community-based initiatives on Kauai.

Kauai Bible Church plans include the construction of a 600–900- seat church, a primary school for grades 1-12, the children’s chapel, and office space. Construction includes 3 parsonages for pastors and caretaking staff, a retreat center to include recreational facilities such as playing fields for children and teens along with camp site shelters, as well as a Retirement Facility condo style, and a halfway house facility for newly released prisoners in need of drug rehabilitation. For more information, visit

Kauai’s Hindu Monastery: Founded in 1970, Kauai's Hindu Monastery is a 363-acre traditional South-Indian style monastery-temple complex. Hindu pilgrims have been coming to the Monastery from around the world for more than 40 years to worship and seek spiritual sustenance. With sustainable practices in the areas of solar energy and agriculture, it is the home of Bodhinatha and his order of 21 swamis, yogis and sadhakas from six nations. The monastery is also the headquarters and theological seminary of Saiva Siddhanta Church. Currently building its newest temple, the Iraivan temple will be completed depending upon availability of craftsmen in India and the rate of donations. We aim to help them continue their mission of peace and sustainable living. For more information, visit

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