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For your convenience we list information directly from
the American Grant Writers Association
AGWA's provides a Referral Service at no charge.
If you have a Nonprofit Organization or For Profit
Business, please visit their website and provide the
following information so that one of AGWA's Certified
Grant Writer may contact you.
They will contact you by e-mail or phone the following
business day and the Grant Consultant will quote prices
to write grants based on an hourly rate or a project rate.
Please note that is unethical for a Certified Grant Writer
to work on a percentage basis.
To Use the Referral Service for a Certified Grant Writer Consultant go to (
How Do I Hire a Certified Grant Writer?
Some of AGWA's Certified Grant Writers® work as Consultants and are available to work for your
organization. You will need to give us basic information
about your organization and then AGWA will match
your needs with a Certified Grant Writer® who has
experience in your field.
Unfortunately, not everyone or every business qualifies
for grant funds.
Non-profit Organizations with an Exempt Letter from
IRS may qualify for Foundation Grants as well as
Government Grants.
For profit businesses (corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietors) may qualify for Government Grants
depending on the specifications of the agency.
Individuals such as artists, educators, and health
professionals may qualify for a small number of
Foundation Grants depending on the specifications.
Other individuals may qualify for government grants;
many of these grants are administered by State and
Local Governments.
When you contact them, they will tell you whether or
not you or your organization is a prospective recipient
of grant funds.
Their Consultants will offer you a variety of services
such as:
They will research grant opportunities for you or your organization. Please refer them to our Funders page as
well. We list 100’s of funding sources. Many of them
have collected money specifically for Haiti and/or to
use in other areas in humanitarian crisis.
They will write proposals to foundations or applications
to government agencies
They will review a proposal or application that you
have already written
They will develop a business plan for your organization
They will write an annual budget or program budget
for your organization
They will train your staff to research grant opportunities
and write proposals
You will be quoted an hourly rate or a project price,
similar to other professions. Rates are usually $40 -
$100 per hour for researching grant opportunities and
writing proposals. As a new client, you may be asked
to make a down payment, or to pay in full when the
proposals are delivered to you. It is unethical for a
Certified Grant Writer to accept compensation that is a percentage of your grant funds. It is also unethical for compensation to be contingent upon receipt of grant
and provide the following information about your
organization so that AGWA can determine your eligibility
for receiving grant funds and refer you to a Certified Grant Writer Consultant:
Phone: 727-596-5150 or 727-366-9334
Fax: 727-596-5192
Customer Service is available from 10 AM until 6 PM
Eastern Time Monday through Friday.
Mailing Address:
PO Box 8481
Seminole, FL 33775