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Welcome to Green Hawaii Conferences
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Since 2009, Green Hawaii Conferences has been accomplishing
Sustainable Initiatives for members, patrons and participants of
the Arts, Education, and Entertainment, Faith communities,
Business Leaders, and Professionals in the areas of Law
and Accounting.
Please join us for our Online Conferences!
The purpose of Green Hawaii Conferences is to build green
alliances within and across different industry sectors. Green
Hawaii Conferences specialize in hosting and arranging
gatherings that explore the plentiful green venues of the
Hawaiian Islands through eco-tourism and presentations
by Sustainable experts and authentic Hawaiian cultural
Rich in natural resources Hawaii is ideally suited to host green
conferences with pristine ocean, year round trade winds and
sunlight, and a strong and growing cadre of green vendors in all
economic sectors such as agriculture, culture, education, health
and wellness, nature and technology making it the most practical
and probable place to showcase and encourage US interest in the
green economy.
Hawaii’s natural, physical, cultural, and human resources will
help support America’s transition to a vital and sustainable
green economy while providing a unique, memorable and
enriching visitor experience.
Please join us at one of our annual initiatives for Educators,
Faith Based Communities and others. If you would like a
customized conference with themes of Sustainability or
Eco Vacation experience, Please visit our page on Kauai Green
Private Tours.
We hope you will join us in 2015-16!
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